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As within, so without. What moves inside of us also moves on the outside of us.

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    Air is the spirit, traveling where it wants! It can not be contained and stirs things up so, we can grow!


    Water holds our memories of feelings.  Prolific spiritual experiences begin with water cleansings.


    Earth is where we transform. It receives our convictions and helps us to “hold our ground”.


    Fire rules over what you see, helping us to show our gifts to the world. It fuels freedom.

    Become a student of spirituality and Metaphysics. Learn the how to work with nature.

    You do not need to keep wandering around in a fog. Get clear instructions on Astral Travel, Meditation, Oils, Herbs, Water Magic, and much more.

    Learn Which Orisha are Strongest with you

    We all come to the planet with certain spiritual allies. At certain times of our lives, we take on new items. Find out which ones are with you and how you should work with them.

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    Enlightenment and Transformation

    Tune into our broadcast on Orisha, Spirituality, and self-development.



    There are plenty of amazing articles for you to enjoy on our site.  If you are looking to read about the Orisha and get the best information, without the filler, this is the place for you to be.


    When you need to get expert guidance and advice

    Sometimes the books, videos, podcast need to be explained further to you. Get a reading with one of our spiritual counselors and gain a deeper more personal connection with the Orisha.


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